The marathon: it is the longer thing you do!


True story!  Life is the longest thing you do….except maybe if you do the marathon.  The marathon could be the longest thing you do when you feel like you might die for the last 10 miles!  Hahahaha.

T-Minus 43 hours to gun time.

Yep, I am counting down by the hour.  And I know that at this very moment two days from now, I’ll have completed another marathon.  THAT is exciting.  That gets me motivated…..just thinking about the feeling of accomplishment you have when you cross that finish line.  THEN it will be all worth it, and I’ll know that I can and will do it again!

I’m looking forward to that start line.  I am slowly, but surely pumping myself up!  I am waiting to hear back on carpooling with my speedy, 53 year old coworker (he is a BEAST on the road, already ran a 3:33 last month) and hoping I can just keep up with him for the majority of the race.  I am still debating on what my precise start pace will be (8:15 or closer to 8:20-25), but I am determined to give it my all.

I am determined to work as hard as I can.  I am determined to leave it alllll out there.  I am determined to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I did as much as I could, that I didn’t give in to the voice saying “slow down”, that I never got lazy (even if I was super tired).

I am determined to take one mile at a time.  I am determined to smile, because I’m doing what I love, right?!  (NYC Running Mama showed how far that can get you with your Ironman posts!).  And, I am determined to succeed (not pre-defined, sometimes you have to take success as it comes to you, not as you originally thought it would/should be)!

Quotes-Nothing Worth Doing is Easy


We have all heard (and as endurance runners, probably LOVE) the above quote.  But it is so true.  So very, very, very true.  It is the difficulties, the complexities, the pain and the grit of a process which I think truly pushes me forward.

I like hard.  Scratch that.  I LOVE hard.

I rarely take on a big task which isn’t going to be difficult in some form or fashion.

The marathon is no different.

Embrace the process.  Envelope the pain.  Enjoy the accomplishment!

Oh ya, and earn that pizza!



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  1. So excited for you! I know you are going to be amazing. I can NOT wait to hear how it goes! Kill it!

  2. GOOD LUCK this weekend! I love your outlook. Do embrace the pain and leave it all out there! And then go hard on the pizza!!! Can’t wait to read about it!

  3. The Dose of Reality says:

    That Dwight Schrute knows what he’s talking about! Bwahahahaha.
    I’m so excited for you!! Good luck with your marathon! I know you are going to be fantastic!! Squee!! –Lisa

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