Running Lately (and other news)

Every January, I swear to tracking my miles throughout the year….then I forget.  Ha.  I just can’t keep up with 8 million websites.  I guess I should download more apps on my iPhone!

I am T-Minus 4 weeks out from the Nike Women’s Half in DC!  Can’t wait.  It should be really fun, although baby daddy had to back out for work….which means baby is not coming either.  Not to fear, I wrangled a friend to join me last minute!  I am really hoping for a PR, but, who knows what the weather will be like, so I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself!   If I put in my more recent 10k, it says I should be able to run the half in approx 1:42.  Huh?  I’d be THRILLED with that.  If I am being real, I’d be happy with anything in the 1:45 range.


I have been hitting almost all of my workouts, most recently this morning I ran 12 miles.  First 3 on the treadmill around 9 min pace, 5.25 with my friend around 9:40 pace, then last 4ish at a 8:30, 8:25, 8:15, and 7:58 pace.  Workout called for a 4 mile cutdown at the end.  SUCCESS.

Baby T started swim lessons.  He LOVES the water….I mean LOVES it.  We had to corral him for the first 20 minutes before class started.  He wanted to jump in!  I didn’t get in the swim lesson because I was rushing from work and didn’t have time to change, but Daddy has the best time.  I can’t wait for this week, and we’ll both get in!



Then I hosted a Wedding shower the weekend before last….and the weekend before that it was a baby shower.  Good times, but sooo busy!

We call this “The Talls, and The Smalls


I put together this Dessert Table….almost everything (except the custom cake and the two diaper cakes that I made) actually came pre-made from the grocery store!  Can you believe it?!


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  2. You have been very busy! My friend and I really want to do that half next year due to the bling you get, but I will have to keep my eyes on it as it sells out very very fast!

  3. Baby T in swimming is awesome! I love when little babes love the water!
    Yay about the half and the workouts! Sounds like you are doing incredible with balancing it all!

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