Low Motivation….what to do?

I skipped the 4 miler last weekend.  I just needed a break.  Neither my husband nor I could even remember the last Saturday where I did not run.  So that was it.  I knew with my mental state waning, I wouldn’t race well anyway.  Too bad for me….it turned out to be the perfect race weather.  Oh well.

Now, with 3 weeks till my half marathon, I am trying to muster some mental fortitude.  The weather has been great, and I should be pumped to run.  I am actually pumped to run, just not really to TRAIN.  I debate on taking a break in May or waiting until June, as I hate to take a break in such great running weather when we know how the Houston summers go.

What helps you get pumped for a big race when you aren’t in the right frame of mind? 

I am hoping for a small PR, but we’ll see how the next weeks go and then how the weather is in DC!  I am excited to go and be a part of this race, so at this point, I am just trying to think of all the positives, stick with my training plan, and remind myself this is the last race I am signed up for for this training period!

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  1. When I’m feeling low on the motivation I’ll run without my Garmin. It just lets me run and not think about much more besides my feet hitting the ground. Good luck! I know you will be great!

  2. Totally agree with Jade – we all have ups and downs, and runs that are not as good as others.

    My recommendation would be to give yourself a range of options for your race – a PR is always great, but maybe make that one possible goal?

    Last November I was dismayed after going out too fast in my October full marathon, so I decided that my goal was to run a flat pace for my November half, regardless of anything else. Well, I DID – and got a PR of more than 4 minutes in the process! But my real ‘victory; was the pacing, and that I could get up the next day and run. That was what really made me feel great!

  3. Funny as it sounds, I read other bloggers race reports and especially ones that they have a bad race as then it puts it into perspective to me that we all get terrible races, no motivation to actually run, and then sometimes you get surprised with a fairly good one. And then I will just do my runs just to run not hit XX pace or do like tempo/fartlets/you name it kind of training until I get into a better frame of mind.

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